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Common Entry Points Used By Vermin

Winter is one of the times of the year when various unwanted pests infiltrate your home. This stems from their need for shelter and food during the cold season. This can lead to many unwanted hassles such as health hazards and property damage. Among the effective means of avoiding such hassles is the following principle: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. In other words, you should prevent their infiltration to prevent pest control. This includes knowing and sealing the common entry points used by vermin.

Cracks, holes, crevices

Vermin have the rather odd ability to slip through crevices smaller than half an inch. To prevent the need for pest control locate and seal all such areas. This includes cracks and holes found on the exterior, especially under the roof or near the foundation. Also, check the walls for such locations and use steel wool and caulk to fill them. Be sure to check the interior as well. This includes the kitchen cabinets, appliances, and spaces between the walls and floor. Be sure to check the pipes and wires as well.

Windows and doors

Another common point of entry used by vermin is windows and doors. To seal these areas, use the following pest prevention steps. Inspect the windows and doors for cracks which insects and rodents can slip through. Repair and remove these areas and install window screens. These will help to prevent unwanted vermin from entering your home.

The garbage can and kitchen

Pests seek food and shelter during the winter. This includes your garbage can and kitchen as they abound with food. To prevent the need for pest control, make sure you have taken the following steps. Always keep the garbage can closed with a strong lid and clean around it. Also, store all food in plastic or metal containers to avoid tempting vermin. Also, maintain a high level of cleanliness including decluttering.

There are several common entry points used by vermin in your home. These include cracks, holes, and crevices in the walls, roof, and foundation. Broken or damaged windows and doors. And the garbage can and kitchen due to the abundance of food. If you would like to learn more about such entry points, contact a professional pest inspector such as Hoerr's Pest Extermination Service in Peoria, IL.