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Termites are destructive insects that can severely damage your home’s structural integrity. Luckily, there are several effective measures you can take against termites. The key is to identify the infestation early, so once the culprits have been found, you can take action right away. For quick and guaranteed reliable termite control services, look no further than Hoerr's Pest Extermination Service. Our pest control methods are risk-free, highly effective, and guaranteed affordable. We offer our exemplary termite inspection services to the residents in Peoria, IL.

Why You Need Us Now!

Whether you need our pest removal methods for your commercial property or for your residential property, you can benefit from the effective and reliable services we offer. We have cutting-edge tools, and we use the most effective termite treatment options we can find. We conduct a thorough inspection of your property in Peoria, IL to locate the source of the problem. Once we find it, we determine the severity of the infestation and take the most effective action. With our help at Hoerr's Pest Extermination Service, you’re assured that your property will be treated with care and that you’ll get the most out of your termite treatment investment.

How We Work

Our team will always identify themselves at the door and wait for your approval before entering your home. We never take the treatment measures unilaterally and try to rush things. Instead, we do the opposite. We take our time to evaluate the situation, consult with you about your concerns, and help you make a decision that’s best for the termite treatment. Once the treatment is complete, we’ll leave the site as quickly as possible.

Act now and call us at (309) 635-1538 to schedule an appointment and book our pest control services for the guaranteed reliable treatment of your termite problems. Quality assistance is here. Let us know how we can help you!